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Monthly Subscription African Caribbean Vendor 5% off Coupon Subsidy Application Submission Subsidize Ashakayan Philantrophy Grocery

If you would like to be a contributor & as well be a recipient of possible food subsidy choose this plan below.

Standard $20

Monthly Subscription African Caribbean Vendor 10% off Coupon Subsidy Application (Only Rent) Financial Donor Contribution

If you would like to be a recipient of rent subsidy choose this box below.


Monthly Subscription Free One Day Grocery $100 Rent Subsidy Not Applicable Shop At Respectable Vendors

If you would like to be recipient of solely Food Subsidy choose this box below.

Subsidy Form

Please fill up the form under, and be member of our community. We've been helping people in hard times & that's what we stand for. For more assistance, please email us.

* Please note, we may take up to 3 Weeks to process your request. But we try to be as responsive as possible, we really thank you to choose our Membership!

Emergency Request With Call

* Be honest, use this request in case of emergency only. Call Us give details to our answering machine.
We take this seriously and get back to you as soon as possible!

Make An Appointment

* Make an appointment after filling out the form. Download the Afrosales app. Navigate to subsidy & make an appointment!

Donors Form

Please fill up this form help & donate to others, Be happy to do it. With your cash, a family can survive and have a better meal. Helps others who're in crises!

* Share some good words with the community. We all thank you for your generous Donation!